#Known to Unknown

Slaying on market or say work field for 7 long years and after 1 major personal set back inbetween.. I have never been out of lime light. And now completely out of lime light.. like literally.. it’s been 1 and half years of being house wife.. I did rather use tag to me as @beinghousewife.. sorry @beingsalmankhan..

I never knew life could be so boring and so dull.. I have all the respect for myself and all the house wives around the world for they being ‘ Queen of the House ‘ and being available 24/7 ! But still there has to be more to it.. more than going for a ‘gym class’ (this is actually counted as doing time pass😞)!

Well for me this ain’t anything and nor going for so called ‘kitty parties’. So what can house wives do sitting at home and get involved in some work and active. Well there is still a society exists inbetween all this #women #empowerment where people say – clean home if you have extra time.. make some chakli’s or some nashtas or pray to God!! 😭 And I am none of the above material..

I am sick and tired of watching MasterChef Australia, Quantico, Two Broke Girl, Shark Tank, The Royals ( thank you @karanjohar and @aliaa08 for curating @colorsinfinity ) and many more.. and also I am sick of @facebook and @twitter plus the real fight of having the television remote in ones hands to watch #angrezi shows vs #fucking #hindi #serials ! What the hell is wrong in shooting kissing scenes, sex scene or cutting meat proteins and just watching vh channel for English music.. I don’t know.. these are the differences I am going through or I am having with my Maa in law! She is nice but still I am not good.. hell yea I like being me..

I am not ‘Sati Savitri’ nor am I a bitch shown in serials! Neither am I Nastik nor am I halwai churning out yummy dishes ( I just like watching MasterChef not being one )!

Well out of the above rant.. what I mean is I miss my work and my freedom of expression and my freedom of being me.. We always had restrictions ( me & my brother ) at home but we were always we.. At work I as I and not someone’s wife.. To tell you the fact I was the not official Mom or Wife of stars or say celebrities whom I was working with! I was a PR manager and a Celebrity Assistant or Manager.. I use to take their rants.. their fans rants and of course sometimes boss’s rant.. but still it was a certain type of accomplishment and not nothing.. Being in thankless service industry since the time my Mom had her first salon on I knew what I was getting into and at what level but I loved it.. I was Me, Myself and most importantly I was I the decision maker and making some bloody good Money!

But being a House wife and listening to rants is not the cup of my coffee / tea / green tea! I hate not being me 90% of the time.. even after being at home.. I hate compromising on what I like to what the fucking budget is to what’s fucking people will think that someone has changed due to you..

Well it’s not my fault.. I am like this.. I am a woman.. I am a decision maker.. I have a say in all things.. I have my mood off not necessary when I m having my periods.. I love spending money on myself and may be some times others.. I love to be left alone when I want and not when you want.. I am the person who decides what I want to wear and when and how.. I hate sleeping for just half an hour as I then need to have a ready coffee / tea / green tea waiting for me to wake up from head ache which half an hour sleep has given me.. I hate fucking kitty parties.. I hate fucking discussing recipes.. I hate not being me and not being rewarded at all for my efforts of being calm and considerate.. I hate for no empathy and sympathy sentences or emotions for daughter in law and mostly don’t make me hate this step that I have taken of being ‘married’.. else don’t forget #women #empowerment I will take step to be myself and you will follow me.. but most off don’t forget just because I love the man I married I am taking certain shits which I did not expect to happen in my life! Still I will be Me and not diminish myself!




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